Nashville Soap Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products truly all natural?

Yes. We carefully select each naturally derived ingredient to create high quality products, without synthetic fragrance, color, additives or preservatives.

What is sodium hydroxide?

Sodium hydroxide is necessary to make true soap. Sodium hydroxide reacts with the nourishing oils and butters to saponify, and thus creating soap. No sodium hydroxide remains after this chemical reaction has occurred and the soap has cured for a minimum of 4 weeks.

How do I keep my soap lasting longer?

Natural soap must be kept in a dry and well draining area in between uses. This will greatly extend the life of your soap. Try one of our Salvaged Wood Soap Trays or any soap dish of your choosing that allows water to drain.

I have a special event coming up, do you offer custom orders?

Yes, we do! Whether it be for a wedding, baby shower, corporate event or something unique for your store - we LOVE creating custom soaps designed just for you. Send us an inquiry through our Contact page or email us directly at

Do you offer Wholesale?

We love our Stockists and happily offer wholesale orders to businesses big and small throughout the U.S. We offer very low minimum orders and welcome all inquiries. Please email us directly at